The business was founded to fill what the owner perceived as a need for intelligent, honest Commercial and Industrial heating and process boiler - burner service.

Drawing on over 10 years of experience at Atkinson & Lawrence, Inc., beginning in service and culminating as Executive Vice President, Don Atkinson started Energy Efficiency Services, Inc. as a dedicated Military Service contractor. Our work was the maintenance of complete heating systems, from the boiler room to the last pipe in the building. The facilities ranged in age from mid 1940's to 1970's and were scattered throughout New England. Working at a fixed annual rate on up to 3 year contracts we soon learned that maintaining the complete system in perfect working order was quite simply less expensive. Additional benefits included substantially longer equipment life span, improved fuel efficiency and satisfactory comfort levels throughout the facilities.

With this background our slow expansion into the public sector was based on providing a high quality maintenance service with restoration of complete heating system function a priority. Whether we work with our customers' in house mechanics or provide the complete service, our priority is unchanged.

Today we still provide this high quality service. Our uniformed service people and neat, lettered service trucks assure our customers of who they are meeting and reflect our commitment to high quality service.

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